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About us

The PROESTUDIO is a company reference in the photography area, established in the year of 2011.

We born on the constant look of making good and making even better, in way we could be positioned in the market in a different and open way. The quality of our work is ensured by specialized professionals, some with more than 20 years of experience, allied with equipment of last generation, guaranteeing a complete satisfaction of the customers at once. The provision of integrated services of photography, publicity and video, allow a global attendance and a service of added quality. We provide services to the community in general, with favorable conditions, looking this way to be equal of the demands and evolutions of the market.

Naturally we are a team, willing to believe in a project where the creativity and the quality are imperative points. The experience of many years, give us the conscience and the opportunity to create a project with an own dynamic, with costs adapted to the quality of our products.

Paulo Sérgio Abreu


Celso Castanha


Cristian Júnior


Cláudia Silva


Maurício Ramos





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